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We deliver all across the UK at no extra cost to you for our standard delivery service. For alternative delivery options please see the details under our SHIPPING section. We will also deliver internationally and charges may vary depending on your location.
We will email you a tracking number when your order has been dispatched along with a link for you to follow. This should keep you updated with exactly where your order is!
If you have made an error in your order or even if you have just changed your mind, please email us ASAP. If the order has not yet been dispatched we will happily adjust it for you. Note – if there is a difference in price once we amend your order, we will only be able to complete the order once payment has been made. Likewise, if you are due any money back once we’ve amended it, we will refund this to you.
If you’ve placed an order and not yet received confirmation there is no need to panic. Simply email us and one of our team will look to resolve the issue for you.
We strive to ensure we send you exactly what you want, as quickly as we can. If by chance there has been a mix up, email us and we will happily re-send you the correct items you ordered. Note - All of our products go through rigorous quality control checks before being shipped out to you. If an item is damaged once you receive it, we may request a few details and may also request you to send it back to us (we will happily reimburse you for the postage fee). This is purely so we can assess how/when the damage was caused so that we can improve our service to you in the future. If you have not received your order even after the tracking states it as delivered, please contact us immediately! We will have to investigate your order with our delivery partner which can take up to 30 days. Once we have concluded this, we will either re-send your order or offer you a full refund.
The watches are designed for everyday use and can withstand a small amount of water. However, they are not suitable for water related activities. Damages caused by water getting inside the watch are not covered by our warranty.
We are always open to new people, places and ideas. In fact, we encourage everyone to get involved with us. It could be anything as simple as tagging us in your social media or collaborating with us on projects and designs for the future. All you have to do is get in touch!